The first and currently only Realtor in the Greater Chattanooga, TN / NW Georgia area using Gable Walk Virtual Tours. Is that significant? YES, it is! The standard or norm for Realtors is to use either Circle Pix (a big misnomer) or Visual Tours. These tours are just power point presentations of the SAME photos you just reviewed. The only difference is that you're going to see those photos fade in and fade out from different angles with elevator music in the background.
Gable Walk is a much much better! Each photo is a 360 degree view of the entire home. Buyers can really tour the home and get a feel of the home! Several of my listings have this feature. Check out my featured listings and check out 2295 Heavenly View or 136 Jalopy Ridge and check out a real time Gable Walk Virtual Tour or click here.
George is giving Sellers that put their faith and trust in him a real tangible competitive edge in a market where an edge is needed!